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It’s NOT Your Fault.

Now That We’ve Cleared That Up, Here’s How I Can Help You…

Coaching and Courses To Help You Walk Through the Healing Journey After Betrayal

…So You Can Find Joy, Peace, and Freedom Again

“From my very first session, Tammy showed me that the pain, humiliation, and anger of my husband’s betrayal did not have to define me. Throughout this difficult healing process, Tammy has been trustworthy and has made me feel seen and understood.”


After specializing as a trauma and PTSD counselor for 13+ Years, working with women for 8+ years specifically in the area of betrayal healing. I’ve noticed that every person goes through 4 stages during the healing process.

In order to get unstuck and begin to heal, you have to understand where you’re at in the healing process — and where you need to go.

Are you ready to get unstuck and move forward?

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