Reclaim Yourself In Paris

(I can’t think of a better place to do it, can you?!)


*Coming September 2023*

A 5-Day Transformational Retreat to Break Free From the Heaviness of Betrayal and Rediscover Life, Beauty, Joy, and Adventure Again.

“In many ways Tammy’s helped me rediscover — as well as become — who I’m supposed to be.”


Have you been rocked by betrayal and lost yourself in the process?

But sometimes the place you find yourself again isn’t in the 4 walls of your home.

Or in a therapist’s office.

It’s when you can get out from under the weight and responsibilities of life long enough to reconnect with yourself.

And Paris is my favorite city to do it in.

paris retreat

Deep Dive deep into rediscovering who you are — and who you want to be

Paris is always a good idea.

Audrey Hepburn

Working with Tammy around betrayal trauma has been a massive part of my healing journey.

Tammy has an incredible gift of listening to my needs and where I am in the process. Her expertise, along with her wisdom and life experience, offer me a safe place to share and I know she cares as she coaches me through invaluable steps towards healing. – KR

Join Me in Paris?