Free. Confident. Empowered.

Able to move on with your life.

It can all start with one thought. One belief. One powerful event.

“I’m so grateful for the help Tammy’s given me! She’s been a lifeline to keep me afloat during some very dark times.”


Betrayal is one of those topics that no one talks about.

Something that happens (unfortunately) a lot — and that everyone, including the betrayed wife, often tries to sweep under the rug.

But the truth is, betrayal is trauma and doesn’t simply heal with time – it needs focused, specialized attention.

And even when a woman if brave enough to share…often times friends, family, and well-meaning therapists don’t know how to deal with it.

Which is why I’m so passionate about bringing awareness and talking about this topic publicly.

Whether you have a small group setting or a large stadium event, I’d love to come and talk to your audience about finding healing and freedom after betrayal.


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Want to Have Tammy Speak at Your Next Event?

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Tammy speak many times and the bottom line is – Tammy delivers.

Her personal story combined with her expertise as a coach and counselor creates a unique opportunity for her audience to not only feel less alone as they grapple with sexual betrayal but to also see a path and a way forward. Tammy captivates her audience with her clarity and confidence. In addition, she infuses hope and empowers women to take their next step.

Shelly Martinkus

Redemptive Living for Women

Tammy’s an inspirational and empowering speaker.

She has a deep understanding of the secret nature of betrayal trauma and genuine caring for those who have been hurt. If you have not worked with her yet, I highly recommend that you choose Tammy to guide your healing process!

Ruth Falk

CEO of Beyond Sex Addiction