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Tammy has spoken to hundreds to people on the topics of healing from betrayal as well as trauma and mental health issues. She is an eloquent and passionate speaker, drawing audiences in with vulnerability, humor, and compassion.

Tammy’s top speaking topics include:


Reclaiming Life After Betrayal: My Story

There comes a point in a woman’s healing process where the focus shifts. It moves from the initial shock of the betrayal and all of the focus being on the husband and marriage to the focus turning towards her own personal healing. Regardless of whether the husband is doing the work and getting healthy or divorce is imminent, her attention naturally shifts to the carnage betrayal leaves behind. She begins the important and necessary journey of healing and repairing the damage. Based on her own story of betrayal, Tammy provides guidance and hope to women as they reclaim life and strength:

  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Relationally
  • Financially
  • Spiritually

Believe me, there is healing and a good life ahead for you!

Developing a Plan After Betrayal

Discovering your husband’s betrayal is life-shattering. Women often struggle to know what to do, how to respond, and where to get help. Tammy offers time-tested boundaries and guideposts to help women navigate these uncertain times. With insight and vulnerability, she walks women through the first few months of what needs to happen after discovery including:

  • Navigating emotions
  • Ensuring safety – both emotional and physical
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Finding the right counselor
  • Parenting and talking to your kids
Discovering Who You Are

Tammy leans into the topic of finding the real you. While we know its value, life often gets in the way and derails the process. From getting married to raising kids to caring for those they love, many realize years later they don’t know who they are outside of what they do for others. They lost themselves somewhere along the journey. But for those who’ve experienced betrayal, this can feel even more intense. Tammy gently guides women through the steps of learning who they are and empowers them to step into their unique purpose and gifting. Women emerge from this process with confidence and strength. It is not about proving themselves, it is about finding their true self.

Trauma & Mental Health

Healing from Trauma & PTSD

Did you know that over half of the population in the United States experiences a traumatic event at least once in their lives? These traumas often shift the way people view others, themselves, and the world around them. It can also shift and drive people in ways they don’t realize, stunting them from reaching their full potential or living in freedom. The good news? When people understand it and get help, they can absolutely heal from trauma, experience freedom, and be able to leave the past behind. Tammy unpacks what trauma is, how to recognize it, and the effects of it, as well as offering clear guidance on how to find freedom from it.

Boundaries: Redefining Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

Clear boundaries are one of the most important things you need for healthy relationships. Tammy will help you redefine boundaries so you know where to put them and why you are doing it. She will help you define yourself and the importance you have in this world. Knowing who you are, what you need, and communicating that with others while maintaining respect for yourself and the other person is vital. This results in natural, healthy, respectful boundaries with those around you. Tammy unpacks a step-by-step process of connecting with yourself, defining your needs, communicating them with others, and how to respond when someone crosses the line.

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Everyone deals with stress and anxiety in one way or another—some healthy and some not so healthy. The truth is that stress is a very real part of life, particularly in these unprecedented times. Navigating our thoughts and emotions can be very challenging, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and stuck. With hard-won wisdom, Tammy offers a practical approach to getting unstuck and taking control of life again by focusing on:

  • Facing fear
  • Addressing control
  • Using body-based coping skills
  • Balancing the big picture with the details of life
  • Identifying and making healthy changes

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Tammy’s Previous Speaking Events

Reclaiming Life After Betrayal: My Story
  • New Life Ministries – Restore Workshop, Dallas, TX
  • New Life Ministries – Restore Workshop, Costa Mesa, CA
Boundaries: What They Are, What They’re Not, and How to Take Control of Your Life
  • LiveFree Counseling, Castle Rock, CO
International Trauma & Compassion Fatigue
  • Christian World Outreach, Greenwood Village, CO
Developing Your Plan After Betrayal
  • New Life Ministries – Restore Workshop, Irvine, CA
Understanding and Healing from Trauma & PTSD
  • LiveFree Counseling, Castle Rock, CO
Rediscovering You: Connecting with your Purpose, Direction, and Self
  • Ridgeline Community Church, Castle Rock
COVID-19 & Mental Health: Managing Anxiety & Stress
  • Online

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I’ve had the pleasure of watching Tammy speak many times and the bottom line is – Tammy delivers. Her personal story combined with her expertise as a coach and counselor creates a unique opportunity for her audience to not only feel less alone as they grapple with sexual betrayal but to also see a path and a way forward. Tammy captivates her audience with her clarity and confidence. In addition, she infuses hope and empowers women to take their next step. 

Shelley Martinkus, Owner, Redemptive Living for Women

Tammy Gustafson was a featured speaker for an audience of over 500 during our summit –  Going Beyond Your Spouse’s Sexual Addiction and Betrayal. It was my absolute pleasure to have her on the show. She is an inspirational and empowering speaker. She has a deep understanding of the secret nature of betrayal trauma and genuine caring for those who have been hurt. If you have not worked with her yet, I highly recommend that you choose Tammy to guide your healing process!

Ruth Falk, CEO of Beyond Sex Addiction
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Client Love

What they're saying

I began working with Tammy when I discovered my husband’s betrayal of our 35-year marriage. Tammy has helped me navigate through some of the darkest days of my life by assisting me in gathering tools to utilize and helping me think properly about my healing and recovery. Establishing boundaries, prioritizing self-care and self-protection, extending forgiveness, and learning how to love myself again have been invaluable to me in this healing process. Tammy has been by my side every step of the way. - LA
From my very first session, Tammy began to show me that the pain, humiliation, and anger of my husband's betrayal did not have to define my identity in the future.  Throughout this difficult healing process, Tammy has been trustworthy and has made me feel seen and understood. - BF
Working with Tammy around betrayal trauma has been a massive part of my healing journey. Tammy has an incredible gift of listening to my needs and where I am in the process. Her expertise, along with her wisdom and life experience, offer me a safe place to share and I know she cares as she coaches me through invaluable steps towards healing. - KR